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Why You Need a good Financial Services Consultant

Clients' Interests First

A good financial services consultant will put your interests first and recommend solutions that suits your needs instead of pushing products to you. Then she will follow up with regular reviews to help you narrow the shortfalls in your goals. Hence, a long term perspective is necessary when planning for your finances.


She should also be willing to listen to you and answer all the queries that you have, helping you with your claims no matter how small the amount is. 


Financial planning is long term planning that spans decades. It takes both patience and perseverance to bring those plans to fruition. A good financial services consultant will be walking alongside with you in this arduous journey.


To be able to give sound advice, a financial services consultant needs to be familiar not just with the products available in the market but also products that were sold and taken off the shelves as well as the different types of investment instruments out there.

My Expertise

Financial Practice Areas

Wealth Protection

Have adequate and comprehensive cover to support your lifestyle should life's unexpected events occur

Keyman Insurance

Get your key personnel covered so that should the unfortunate happen, you will have a payout to cushion the adverse effects on your business caused by their absence

Retirement Planning

When it comes to retirement, what you dream of at age 30 may differ from the one you desire at age 60. Live the retirement you envision by planning for it early

Corporate Insurance

Retain & reduce employee turnover with group term, hospitalization, outpatient medical and dental cover

Business Succession Planning

Provide certainty over the control & future ownership of your business & ensure uninterrupted business continuity

Wealth Accumulation

Let your money work for you and grow it so that your purchasing power isn't eroded by inflation over time

Child Education Planning

Be ready to support your child through tertiary education to help him realize his dreams and ambition

Key Highlights

Wealth Protection

Life is filled with different stages and unique events that brings us on our path. Our joy multiplies at every stage, along with commitments and unexpected challenges. Navigate through life with confidence by ensuring that your protection grows along with those commitments. Gaps in your coverage revealed through comprehensive financial review accompanied by customised solutions that fit the unique needs of your life stage and regularly reviewing those solutions will give you a peace of mind.

Wealth Accumulation

Whether it is to enjoy retirement earlier or to accumulate your wealth for a longer period, the decision is yours. You’ll enjoy dedicated access to world-class asset managers and enjoy an unparalled level of investment expertise to help you maximise your investment potential and achieve your financial goals. Leverage on the long-term wealth creation strategies of my company’s investments, one of the region’s most experienced institutional asset managers and arrive at the retirement you deserve.

Child Education Planning

When you are expecting a child or growing your family, giving them a head start in life becomes a priority. Depending on whether you want a protection-focused solution or one that helps you save up for your child’s education or you’re simply looking for just medical coverage, I can provide a solution for every need.

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